Tuesday, September 09, 2003
HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! I have switched my blog already. Just decided to drop in and tell you not to check in here anymore! Treelee. Bye!!
avien at 3:26 PM

Saturday, August 16, 2003
In case you ever wonder, I don't hate you. People can say this and say that, but IF you need the reassurance, I don't hate you. I may float and fly but I guess that's me. I flow along with my feelings, that's all.

Watched The Great Escape with Me and Xian. Fun fun fun.
avien at 6:30 PM


Went back to NYPS yesterday with Yiting. Before that, Meme and Yiting were teaching me the streches for Modern Dance. Two days of training with Meme have given me muscles at the top of my arm! Meme is a nice Meme. Then met Ying at NYPS, talked to Huang laoshi, Cai laoshi, Ms Ang, Ms Yeo and Mrs Tan. Yesterday was a good day...
avien at 10:54 AM


Thursday, August 14, 2003
You never seem to try, do you? You just leave it all up to The Forces Behind It and just keep on moving.

And I see you and I experience mixed feelings. I feel like crying when I realise it's all gone yet the way you act, react, behave - it all makes me want to burst out laughing at how ridiculously you are trying to be someone you're not. Then it makes me sad again. Knowing that once, you were someone close to my heart. Oh well, freedom of rights and speech, I guess. Can't say I'm very happy about it, though.

Nicely melodramatic, is that not? Whee!

Meme's a nice person. :) Tralala.
avien at 8:26 PM


Well, cleared up over my mood.

Hope you're doing well in your cca. Be the best, okay? I shall be your quiet angel. Whee.

Meme said that guitars can be cheaper since they are unbranded. Well, that makes sense.

Mom wrote me a nice note telling me to ignore complaining and arguing. My mummy makes things all sweet for me... Aw. I'm going to be nicer to my dad and stop being so spiteful to him. Tsk tsk tsk. I felt so ashamed of myself. I'm so rude to my dad!

Going to Ada's house to watch LXG. Nice brother. THK called me a lawyer's daughter because I was number-illiterate. I told him that there was such a thing as defamation of character.
avien at 8:13 PM


Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Damnit, I miss you.

Went to Thomson Plaza and a Malay guy introed me to guitars. A nice small guitar (I can actually hold it!) costs $249 which is quite reasonable. I think. The teach-yourself-set costs $71. Dad's considering, or I have to pay for it myself. Then the guy was telling me that guitars are good to sing along with. I've found this non-official agency thing which can help me organise a performance.
avien at 11:35 PM


Tuesday, August 12, 2003
You are Red
What color are you? (Anime Pictures)

brought to you by Quizilla

I like anime. I like quizzes. I like being spastic but I'm too dark. And it's all your fault!

Don't mind me all, for my own personal reference. If you think I'm an egoistic freak after reading this, do click that 'x' button on your right.

Me wants Justified, mp3 player, legalised and non-corrupting-like-Kazaa thingamajig, new nice tops, stuffed bears, stuffed ducks, friends to attend Bridging Worlds and give me a big hug and say, "You cried well!", trip to Jules Undersea Lodge, nice little domain with a nice little design that is all ready-made, a 7250, Photoshop 7 and a big strawberry cheesecake. I shall update my list tomorrow. Whee! Suddenly I'm happy again!
avien at 11:49 PM


Converted my song into a manuscript thingo. Doing IRS next year with Claire. What else? Oh yes, got to come up with a site for Mummy soon.

Why can't you say the things you want to say to my face?
avien at 9:22 PM


Give me the concept of time
Give me the epitome of grace
Give me the will of power
Give me the strength of love

Give me the hearts lain upon men
Give me the rain due upon crops
Give me the advancement of the world
Give me the strength of love

Give me the blood he has shed
Give me the tears he has cried
Give me the memories I hold of him
Give me the strength of love

Give me back my hopes
Give me back my dreams
Give me back my thoughts
Give me back my spirit

And run away from me.
avien at 6:34 PM


What makes a person unsteady? The concepts of life, not principles. Principles are steadfast and I believe mine are. Concepts are another matter all together.

Which makes me want to laugh. Seeing how you all behave. At the same time, memories are poignant and make me sad. I guess that was what I was thinking about when I did my scene.

"I don't have anything." I was crying with my own character. I love Sherry (that's me!).

Cheok Han wanted me to watch him bowl. Haha. Anyone can bowl better than me. I only get a strike if the pins become the gutter. Bridging Worlds. I want to make the film edition of it. :) Sherry Sherry Sherry.
avien at 6:15 PM


There's finally something else for me.

Was moping in school about miserable my birthday would be. In p5, I craved it. In p6 I was neutral. Currently I hate it.

Well, that was until I had Bridging Worlds. A small group only - 8 of us, including Merilyn, Kok Wai, Wai Yee and Jafar. We did my scene today. The 2nd scene I had was the confession, and I was close to tears doing it. Later, Jafar said I could act. I was really touched because my efforts were being recognised.

Based on today's lines today, I wrote this song:

They are in another league
They're too different from me
They were born with a silver spoon
I'm not like them

How come they got all the things they want
I got nothing to call my own
How come they got all the connections
When I'm clearly all alone

I was really into character today. Throughout the ride home, I kept singing my song and feeling thief-y. I love Bridging Worlds and I never want it to end.
avien at 6:09 PM


Monday, August 11, 2003
One month. One week. One day. One hour. One minute. One second.

Congratulations, Rach. You owe the library more than $6 and your library privileges will be suspended. Whee. You must be so excited.

Define time, define love. Define happiness. Define my life. Define my existence. How come I travel on this street not knowing where to go? Where to end.

What do I love? What do I treasure?

I really can't be bothered about what you all think of me now. I can't even set apart my own emotions. Rachel, you spent your lifetime worrying about others, you realise? You try to be a stigmafied girl, but you can't. You may look aloof but it's not you, you idiot. Whoo. I'm blogging to myself. Nette still cares. Thankews. I realised my life is spent doing things for others and worrying about what they want of me. I feel so constricted and so restricted.

You dreamed of all those things
I wanted to keep them in my hand
I thought maybe we could last
All those things did end

Whee. I'm being lyrical! My life's so dark I hate it.

avien at 10:50 PM


Gareth, I do not appreciate you calling me gullible to my face, thank you very much. Neither do I recall with pleasant memories about you telling MY seniors that I'm gullible. You have your problems (eg. lack of proactivisim, life and soul) and I have mine. Tsk.

I'm watching Finding Nemo now. Whee! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! I want to watch League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen and Pirates of the Carribean: Stuart Townsend and Orlando Bloomy! Whee!

Well, tralala. Strange that Xiu and Jez are short of a couple of minutes to log off.

There's a reason why templates and blog skins are there: for those HTML-illiterate to steal legally :).

Mandy-jie's birthday on Sunday. Must get her something! Whee.
avien at 7:29 PM


Go ahead and be "pissed off at me"! I feel so pleasured! Whoo. Avien (your way) means Ee Vien. Avien (my way) means Evian (the water bottle) screwed. Trala. That is all.
avien at 2:13 PM


Whee! Blogging's fun. I'm so turned off by a person in my class. If I didn't advertise this blog around on my MSN I would be keeping my mouth open, but unfortunately, civility calls for... well... civilness stuff.
Doing my Lit now. Comrades, what is the nature of our life as a student? It makes me sad. I want to murder the idiot who came up with school.
I'm in the China State Council. Buahaha. I feel the power. I manage the Three Gorges! Whoo. I hate geog... :P Trala. Better stick to lit.
avien at 2:02 PM


I got to come up with a site for ITE. Shall use 'Chrome' for my layout. Doo doo. Cross-country coming up next week and with Bridging Worlds rehearsal - Whee! I'm dead! Hihi Maggie! I have a splendid idea for ITE now. Whee! Shall post again later. Tralala. Blogspot makes life easy.
avien at 8:28 AM


Sunday, August 10, 2003
Whee! This is avien and no, you didn't start it! I had one in p6 when one rgs senior with some blueinfusion or what not email address introed me to blogspot. Tadah. I think Mandy's in love with Jez! Whee. And Albert put Nette in his display pic! Double whee!

I want to use my tickets to Discovery Centre and Snow City uber soon. I'm being spastique! Everyone can call me Letchmi now. I can do Indian dances and sing Muneru Valibaa! Which makes me want to start a band all the more. I miss Choir!! And Butterfly and Nette too... Why did I grow up?

All the things you told me
All the things you said
All the things you whispered
I kept them in my head

Love's not being with you
For the first time I want you to be happy
I promise not to be jealous anymore
Think of her, please ignore me

Whee, that sounds nice. Directed to no one in particular, although maybe... Well, deep in my heart, I know who it's for. AND NO, IT ISN'T YOU. If you think it's you, that is. Whee. This is fun! So spastique.

I feel amazingly liberated at my understanding of love. Turf City's an inspiring place. And they have flea markets. Whee! They even have McDonald's there, so I shall go there now. It's less crowded than KAP. But I think I shall still stick to Coro. They have Presence there! I want to buy stamps!

Bridging Worlds and my birthday and Mandy's soon! Yay. My mom's standing behind me and she says she's not reading but her eyes are following the screen! Whee!! Tralala and bye!
avien at 11:05 PM